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Yet MORE Tokyopop stuff

Following Friday’s announcement by Rivkah that much of Tokyopop’s OEL output would be moving to the web, some dissenting voices were heard. Christy Lijewski posted that her re:PLAY #3 will see print:

Contrary to what all the manga and anime news sites are reporting not EVERY OEL from TokyoPop is canceled/direct to web.
I’m happy to say that RE: Play made the cut and that the 3rd volume will be coming out in print, on schedule, as planned!

So please don’t think I’m out of the game ha ha ha, I’m still around and the series will be going on as planned :3

However the fact still remains that most of my friends series have been canceled and/or delegated to the web, so please if you know any OEL artists that have been sacked, don’t be rude about it. Even if you don’t like OEL know that the people behind these series, we all work REALLY hard to do our best to get books out that we really have love for. So please, if you know a TokyoPop OEL artist now would be a great time to give them your support, because dammit, if times aren’t tough!

Brigid has a thorough round-up of other news and notes; apparently Shutterbox #6 is a go, while Psy-Comm is still up in the air. Bettina Kurkoski says that My Cat Loki #3 has been cancelled but she’ll continue working on TP’s licensed manga.

In other developments, we’ve heard from a couple of good sources that Tokyopop is releasing several creators from their contracts, and negotiating with others for their publishing rights. Expect to see some movement there over the next month or so.

Finally, one other bit of news: Tokyopop has signed with Big Tent Entertainment as their licensing agent. The complete release is in the jump, but at the Licensing show last week we were surprised to see a big Tokyopop display at the Big Tent booth and even snapped a few pictures:

Img 4664
Img 4665
Img 4667
Also part of the display: a video loop on “Manga culture” that included such things as James Jean’s store displays for Prada, which don’t have much to go with manga or Tokyopop, but as we always say, don’t distance yourself from success.

Big Tent Ent., the New York-based branded entertainment company, has been appointed the worldwide licensing agent of record for manga publisher and global pop culture brand TOKYOPOP.

Through the long-term agreement, Big Tent will represent the master brand as well as their sub-brands of highly popular manga publishing titles including PRINCESS AI, BIZENGHAST, I LUV HALLOWEEN, DRAMACON and VAN VON HUNTER.

Manga has become one of the most important cultural phenomena to hit the U.S. market this decade. From television and film to high-end couture fashion brands, manga has proven to be the creative inspiration behind some of today’s hottest brands including the highly-anticipated Steven Spielberg flick GHOST IN THE SHELL, Prada, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

As the company at the forefront of this burgeoning trend, TOKYOPOP has been hailed by TIME MAGAZINE, USA TODAY and THE NEW YORK TIMES as the leader in the market.

Big Tent plans to develop a comprehensive licensing program for the entertainment brand by utilizing the unique design aspects and revolutionary artistic vision for fashion and the sub-brands for collectibles and toy. Other merchandising rights include stationery, food and beverage, footwear, gifts and novelties, gift cards, health and beauty products, hobby and model products, home decor, house wares, paper products and sporting goods.

“TOKYOPOP is a creative powerhouse for manga entertainment globally and we’re very excited to further expand their brand recognition and to be part of the manga revolution, said Richard K. Collins, CEO, Big Tent Ent. “We plan to leverage the TOKYOPOP brand name, their array of popular characters and titles, and the upward trends in manga consumption to take the brand into exciting derivative products and new merchandising concepts.”

Stuart Levy, CEO and COO, TOKYOPOP added, “We selected Big Tent Entertainment to represent our brands because they’ve proven themselves as a valuable leader and an out-of-the-box thinker in the licensing community both in North America and worldwide.”

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