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World War Z Game Trailer: A Former SAS Soldier Does Whatever It Takes To Survive

It only takes a single bite for a person to be turned into a zombie, which will give their allies enough reason to put them down before they turn into a member of the undead. The truly practical individual wouldn't waste a precious bullet on a former friend and would rely on other means of dealing with them, such as tossing them out of a helicopter while it's still in the air, which is exactly what happens in the latest trailer for the World War Z video game.

The World War Z franchise is best-known for the 2013 movie and the novel that it's based on, but the series is entering the realm of video games later this month with a new four-player co-operative shooter title that follows several different groups of survivors in locations across the world, such as Moscow, New York, Jerusalem, and Tokyo, as they complete varied missions while facing off against massive hordes of zombies. World War Z uses the proprietary Swarm Engine to allow the players to face off against hundreds of zombies at once in desperate pitched battles, where they will need to use the environment to their advantage in order to survive.

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The latest character to be featured in a reveal trailer for World War Z is Ethan Wolfe, who spent sixteen years as a British SAS soldier before being hired by the Mossad as an advisor. Ethan was in Jerusalem when the zombie uprising happened and he had to rely on his training in order to survive, which required him to make some sacrifices along the way.

Ethan's trailer begins with him being punished at school for his misbehavior, which transitions into showing a much older Ethan as a soldier, who has learned to suppress his instincts until the moment when they are needed. The moment arrives when one of his fellow soldiers is bitten by a zombie, which prompts Ethan to toss him out of the helicopter door to his doom.

There have been several character trailers released for World War Z and the playable cast members have to use their unconventional skills in order to survive, such as a former weapons dealer who returns to his homeland in order to defend it, an ex-gangster whose criminal career is cut short by the arrival of zombies, and a computer hacker who used her knowledge of the upcoming undead horde to prepare for the war to come. Ethan's military background might make him the most suitable character to deal with zombies in combat, but his practicality might make him even more efficient at dealing with his allies, should the situation arise.

World War Z is due to be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2019. For more information, visit the official website:

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