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Which Kate Beckinsale body part will not appear in WHITEOUT?

Silly tabloid chatter, but for those wondering what’s up with WHITEOUT, the upcoming film based on the Greg Rucka/Steve Lieber GN, apparently some reshoots are being done so that Kate Beckinsale’s “giant rump” will not be seen:

But a source on her new film Whiteout said: “Kate has a terrible self-image. She thinks she is fat and she is always complaining how certain outfits make her bottom look big. Of course, the reality is that she has the most amazing body.

“The script called for her character to be filmed nude in a shower, focusing in on her bottom and thighs. Kate insisted on a double being hired. She was quite open on the set about not liking her body and said she particularly loathed her bottom and was not comfortable baring it.”

A last-minute call for a double went out on a Hollywood casting website last week for scenes that begin shooting tomorrow.

And now, your feminist moment for the day: Kate, you are not fat, honey. You are beautiful.

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