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What Is The Best Faction In Fallout 4?

Surviving the post-apocalyptic wasteland can be hard work alone, so which of the various Fallout 4 factions should the player connect with? The Fallout series often casts players as a survivor emerging from a fallout shelter centuries after a nuclear war devastated the planet, and having to survive a landscape littered with raiders, bloodthirsty mutants, and other threats.

Bethesda Softworks (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) took over the franchise with 2008's Fallout 3, and while fans of the original games are divided over the changes it brought, the third game is now regarded as one of the best of the series. It took until 2015 for Fallout 4 to arrive and while it received mixed reviews for simplifying some of the story and dialogue mechanics, in addition to assorted technical issues and bugs, it gave fans another immersive, fascinating sandbox to lose themselves in.

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Just like with previous titles, there are numerous factions players can join in Fallout 4. Some offer better resources and perks - but their goals and morals may not totally align with that of the player either. Which faction players align with also affects the ending they'll receive, so let's look at the different Fallout 4 factions and see which is the best.

The Brotherhood Of Steel

The Brotherhood Of Steel is a staple of the series and even received their own spinoff with 2004's Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel. The Brotherhood are tasked with protecting Commonwealth citizens against attack. They can provide the Sole Survivor with firepower and cool armor, but they're also devoted to wiping out all mutants, ghouls, and synths to protect mankind, which is a tad dubious morally.

The Railroad

The Railroad, fronted by their leader Desdemona, is dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of synths. Their goals are in contrast to that of the Brotherhood and other Fallout 4 factions, though they're also pretty single focused on one issue and the group itself is quite small. Still, their goal to protect sentient androids is a noble one, and there are certainly worst factions out in the wasteland.

The Institute

Probably the most morally questionable of the Fallout 4 factions, The Institute wish to use technology to restore the world. This also means enslaving synths to do their bidding and they believe the survival of mankind requires darker methods. Their goals might be seen as noble but their clinical methods make them hard to root for - or join with.

The Minutemen

Like the Brotherhood Of Steel, the Minuteman want to protect the Commonwealth, but they want peace for human, synth and mutant alike. They're basically the neutral option and seek to help rebuild the world instead of imposing their beliefs or philosophy on other groups. Other groups may have cooler toys to play with, but the Minutemen are arguably the best of the Fallout 4 factions to align with.

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