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What Brie Larson’s MCU Ms. Marvel Costume Could Look Like

No one knows yet what's in store for Carol Danvers in the sequel to Captain Marvel, but one artist has an idea of what she may look like as fan favorite Ms. Marvel. The relationship between Brie Larson's Captain Marvel as she's seen in the MCU and the character of Ms. Marvel in the comics is a complicated one. Four different women have used the name Ms. Marvel, with the two most well-known being Carol and teen superhero Kamala Khan. In the comics, Carol starts out as Ms. Marvel, before eventually taking on the moniker Captain Marvel. Of course, in the film Captain Marvel, Larson's Carol never uses the name Ms. Marvel.

Meanwhile, the comics where Kamala Khan uses the name take a more meta approach; in them Kamala is a sixteen-year-old fan of Carol and her superhero abilities. Kamala's version of Ms. Marvel has shape-shifting powers of her own that come from being an Inhuman. She takes on the name Ms. Marvel when Carol transitions to Captain Marvel. Kamala's character is also notable for being a Pakistani American Muslim, one of the first depicted in the world of Marvel. Her take on Ms. Marvel is fairly recent, with her first appearance coming in August 2013.

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Digital artist Jao Picart shared a look at what Larson's Carol might look like as Ms. Marvel before Kamala Khan takes up the mantle. His interpretation incorporates elements of what fans saw on screen when Larson played Captain Marvel. For example, the style of full-body armor is similar. However, she has Ms. Marvel's trademark eye mask and red scarf, this time worn around her waist as a sash. And of course, Picart's version of Ms. Marvel's costume has the lightning bolt that fans have come to expect. Check out Picart's image of Brie Larson as Ms. Marvel in the MCU below:

Though fans may not see Larson as Ms. Marvel in the Marvel films, they will see Kamala Khan's iteration of the character eventually. New streaming service Disney+ has a Ms. Marvel series around the character planned, which will reportedly begin filming Spring 2020. Like other new Marvel series debuting on Disney+ in the next few years, Ms. Marvel will be considered part of the MCU. What's more, Kamala Khan herself will make an appearance on the big screen, possibly in the sequel to Captain Marvel. There, she would be able to meet her idol Carol, a key moment in the Ms. Marvel comics.

It's neat to see Larson in the Ms. Marvel costume, especially because her final look in the film was understandably focused on Captain Marvel's vibe rather than Ms. Marvel's. Interestingly, an alternate version of Captain Marvel's costume did include Ms. Marvel's scarf, though it obviously didn't make it into the film itself. Even if Larson never wears the Ms. Marvel outfit in the Captain Marvel movies, it's still fun to have an idea of what it would look like if she did. At any rate, fans can look forward to seeing someone wear it in the Ms. Marvel TV series.

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Source: Jao Picart

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