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Weapon X-Force Adds Another Familiar Member

Weapon X-Force Adds Another Familiar Member

Sabretooth is taking over as the leader of Marvel Comics’ X-Force in August, and he’s bringing some old friends along for the ride.

Joining him in his darker incarnation of the book — now dubbed Weapon X-Force — will be the lucky mutant Domino. The cover for the book’s August issue has been partially revealed, displaying her and Victor Creed gearing up for a battle.

The Weapon X team will see a regime change after Creed ousts Old Man Logan and Warpath from the team so he, Domino, Deathstrike and Omega Red can take the fight to humans. Although the other three members have yet to be revealed, a tweet from Marvel editor Jordan White strongly hints that Red will be a part of the team as well.

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Along with being a member of Weapon X-Force, Domino apparently will be pulling double duty as an Avenger. It’s just a thing among some members of Weapon X — beyond Logan, Sabretooth was a member of the Uncanny Avengers due to being Inverted. But Domino’s time with the Avengers is temporary, and her ideals may clash with what the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes stand for.

Weapon X-Force #22 by Greg Pak, Fred van Lente and Yildiray Cinar goes on sale in August from Marvel Comics.

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