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Viz’s original graphic novel line open for subs

Last week, Viz made a low key announcement that they were now accepting submissions for original comics. The OG program has long been in place, but slowed down when the editor who was spearheading the effort, Marc Weidenbaum, left the company. Now Senior Editor Eric Searleman is leading the charge, and Deb Aoki interviews him about it:

Q: How will VIZ publish these comics? Are you thinking that these comics would be published as stand-alone graphic novels? Monthly “floppies?” Short stories for an anthology? Online publishing?

Eric Searleman: “We’re considering everything. The format will suit the material. For example, there’s no law that says our original comics need to mirror our manga trim size. Let’s mix it up.”

“We want to do something fun and fresh. Why bother otherwise? We want our books to be an alternative to what’s already out there. It’ll be hard work, but we are confident we can get it done. The bottom line is this: the quality of the comic takes precedent over everything else.”

Searleman says submissions aren’t open to just manga — art styles from Tite Kubo to Darwyn Cooke will be considered.

It’s been a while since this kind of open casting call for GNs was made by a major publisher. With such a wide open mandate, the results should be…interesting!

The submission release forms are available at the first link.

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