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Very quick blog hits

§ Marv Wolfman writes of frequent collaborator Gene Colan who as reported this weekend, is quite ill:

Gene’s art has always been singular in comics. You see hundreds of Kirby imitators, lots of Buscema clones, those who try to mimic Jim Lee or name an artist, but nobody has ever tried to copy Gene’s work, because it’s truly unique in so many, many ways. You can always tell when Gene draws a page. His characters have personality, emotion, and somehow when you look at them, you feel they have a past as well. They are people who have lived. Who have weight and gravitas. His work on Tomb of Dracula among others is filled with human emotion. His characters appear to be photographic, but what makes Gene special is they aren’t. They are so real but at the same time they are a pure artist’s vision.

§ Tom Spurgeon ponders what we like to call “the satisfying chunk” theory:

Let’s talk comic books. On Thursday, I bought the above comics and paid almost $19 for the pleasure. The total was slightly shocking to me, because five comics still feels in the hand — my hand — like a $10 purchase. Truth is, five comic books hasn’t been a $10 purchase for a long time. I knew that, and I didn’t know that, if you know what I mean. In my defense, I rarely buy comics and when I do, it’s usually one or two as a courtesy to the store I just spent a half-hour casing or a couple hundred dollars’ worth around the holidays from Chuck Rozanski or Buddy Saunders. I like all of the comics I purchased Thursday, but for maybe the first time in my entire life of buying comics, I experienced a twinge of regret as the $20 left my hand. “I probably could have spent that twenty bucks more effectively,” I thought.

Much more in that link.

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