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UPDATED: San Diego Comic-Con's Hoteloween: some got a rock, some got a comfy bed

Okay, hotel room reservation notification for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con started rolling out last night…and it was a mixed bag. Although The Beat got a room at our second choice, lots of people didn’t get a room at all. And based on an informal Twitter survey, it all seems to have been pretty random. People who got in between 9:03 and 9:09 seemed to run the gamut from first choice to no choice.

Was this really just a lottery? SOMEWHERE, we SEEM to remember reading that time stamps within 3 minutes of each other would be treated as a tie and processed in random order….but now we can’t find that language anywhere on the CCI site, so maybe we just imagined it? At any rate this kind of process would explain what happened.

Of much note, even the far out hotel rooms will be connected to the con by a new 24-hour shuttle service. That’s a huge investment by the con committee and should take at least some of the sting out of having to to stay near Sea World.

So what to do if you have no room?

• Hang tight. A two-night deposit must be made by Tuesday to secure the rooms already doled out. In some cases that’s a $500-$600 outlay so expect a bunch of rooms to become available on Tuesday. Although we haven’t seen the letter that went out with requests that weren’t able to be filled, it was suggested that there will be a secondary Hoteloween for these rooms.

• Rooms will keep opening up until May 5, when deposits become NON-RETURNABLE. So keep checking.


• If you are really determined to go, there are still some rooms available in outlying areas on services like Travelocity and They are not cheap—some are going for around $400 a night. You can still book a room at the Hotel Del Coronado for around $300 a night. No shuttle but you can take a water taxi at some times during the day!

There were more rooms than ever available as part of the hotel block this year—that was part of the deal that saw the Con staying in San Diego. However, they went just as fast as ever.

In case you’re wondering how they handle things when celebrity x gets booked for a panel at the last minute: exhibitors already got to book their rooms, so we’d imagine that WB or whoever just books a giant block of rooms at that point. Because Gerard Butler staying at the Days Inn Moonlight Beach Legoland probably wouldn’t work out so good.

UPDATE: As confirmed in the comments the link to actually confirm your room with Travel Planners that went out in the emails….isn’t working. You can update by phone, however.

ALSO, the New Hoteloween: The Heretic will be April 10, 9AM PT.

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