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TYPHON is coming

Anthologies may not sell, but they sure are fun to read. and here’s another one. Danny Hellman has assembled TYPHON, which he calls “a wide spectrum of what’s possible in comics, from zany, offbeat humor to unnerving existential angst, and on to chilling horror, all of it brought to life with breathtaking, cutting-edge artwork.”

A partial list of TYPHON contributors’ credits reads as follows:
Ken Avidor – (Punk Magazine, Comical Funnies, Stop, Weirdo)
Gregory Benton – (Dirty Stories, DC’s Big Books series, World War Three Illustrated, Project: Telstar)
Rupert Bottenberg – (Cyclope, Real Stuff)
David Chelsea – (David Chelsea in Love)
Victor “Bald Eagles” Cayro – (Kramer’s Ergot, Project: Superior, House of Twelve)
Glenn Head – (Hotwire, Snake Eyes)
Danny Hellman – (DC’s Bizarro World & Big Books series, Last Gasp Comix & Stories)
Tim Lane – (Hotwire)
David Paleo – (House of Twelve, Hotwire)
Pshaw – (St. Ink, Arthur Magazine)
Hans Rickheit – (Kramer’s Ergot, Paper Rodeo, Chrome Fetus Comics

For more info, contact Danny Hellman at

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