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Top Shelf 2.0 launches

Ikf01 01
Top Shelf has launched its new webcomics site, dubbed Top Shelf 2.0! . Spearheaded by Brett Warnock and Leigh Walton, it sounds like a lot of fun:

From here on out, every weekday (M-F) we’ll post a new story. It might be a new chapter in your favorite serial, it might be a new short from a previous star, or it might be a totally new artist ready to show off their digital mojo.

Thursday will be Archive Spotlight Day — each week, we’ll pick a great story from Top Shelf’s library of previous webcomics, polish it off, and give it a new chance to shine in front of you guys.

So, check back every weekday for updates! And be sure to click on each artist’s name to find out more about them. Meet some new favorites! You may not dig every single story, but that’s the beauty of Top Shelf 2.0: there’s always something new coming!

Contributors include Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos, Edward J. Grug III, Bart Johnson, Steve Lafler, Lizz Lunney, Jed McGowan, Kagan McLeod, Jessica McLeod, Aaron Navrady, John C. Ralston and Matt Wiegle. Above: Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu.

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