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Tom King Reveals Title for Batman Wedding Issue

Tom King Reveals Title for Batman Wedding Issue

One of the most anticipated moments in writer Tom King’s Batman run is the marriage of Bruce Wayne’s Batman and Selina Kyle’s Catwoman, which is arrives in Batman #50. Today, King revealed the title of that upcoming, momentous issue via Twitter:

Despite concerns that this sacred union between the Bat and the Cat might somehow be ruined (which begs the larger question of whether the Dark Knight can ever really be happy and retain his identity), there is a certain amount of levity in the title “Holy Matrimony Batman.”

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King pays homage to the campy-but-iconic 1960s live-action TV series Batman with the title. The series starred the late Adam West and actor Burt Ward as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. One of the most memorable staples of the TV show are the “Holy” exclamations made by Ward’s Boy Wonder, used now as both nostalgia and parody in popular culture.

Tom King is joined by artist Mikel Janin and an impressive array of guest artists to celebrate the happy couple’s 78-year-journey that has been part-romantic, part-antagonistic. That list includes the likes of Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Lee Bermejo, José Luis García Lopéz and more. Batman #50 goes on sale on July 4.

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