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Tom Brevoort Tweets Heartfelt Farewell to Brian Michael Bendis

Tom Brevoort Tweets Heartfelt Farewell to Brian Michael Bendis

In November, shockwaves were sent across the comic book industry when it was announced that veteran Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive, “multifaceted, multilayered” deal with DC Comics. However, there appears to be no bad blood between Bendis and the company he called home for the better part of two decades, as Marvel Senior VP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort bid his colleague a heartfelt public farewell on social media.

Brevoort tweeted an image from Bendis’ early Ultimate Spider-Man run, featuring Ben Parker embracing his arachnid-powered nephew and telling him, “You did good, kid.” Bendis then replied, letting his followers know how “generally overwhelmed” he was “by the response to this lovely gesture” by Brevoort, and that he loves everyone for “stopping by to express such nice thoughts and memories.”

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Brian Michael Bendis began his DC Comics tenure with a 10-page Superman story in Action Comics #1000, illustrated by Jim Lee. That debut will be followed by a Man of Steel six-issue weekly miniseries, and Bendis will then write both Superman and Action Comics, in an arrangement evocative of John Byrne, who overhauled DC’s Superman titles following Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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