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This Weekend: Emerald City Comicon


Meanwhile, up in Seattle, it’s the Emerald City Comicon, marking the second big comics event in the Pacific Northwest in three weeks. The guest list is an eclectic brew, from Kurt Busiek and Tony Bedard to Bryan Lee O’Malley and Derek Kirk Kim. There are a few media guests,m but even these seem to be part of the gang, like Wil Wheaton and Fat Momma.

ECCC seems to be a thoroughly modern and grown up take on the regional con. It mixes in some of the hallmarks of the Wizard-Era, like variant covers (below) but they are covers for books by Mike Allred and Jay Faerber, so you don’t mind so much. Since it’s located in Indie Central, home to Fantagraphics and a bunch of alterna-toon legends. that side of comics is well represented. And everyone lives in peace and harmony, from what we’ve heard.

Anyway, read an interview with showrunner Jim Demonakos, or eyeball Fantagraphics new offerings at the show. Or attend the party above, tomorrow, or the one below, tonight. Have a good time for us.

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