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This Weekend: Bristol International Comic Expo

Bice2008 Background Image
England’s biggest comics bash takes place this weekend: the Bristol International Comic Expo, home of the Eagle Awards which will be presented at a star-studded gala, we’re certain, Saturday evening. Since it’s already after noon there, we imagine everyone is already sitting around The Reckless Engineer, where they will remain for the next 60 hours.

A highlight of the programming will be, as always, the Hypotheticals panel:

5.00 PM Hypotheticals: Helmed by Lee “Budgie” Barnett and Dave Gibbons, Hypotheticals returns for its NINTH year at Comic Expo. See Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Emma Vieceli and Karen Berger (Vertigo Executive Editor) transported to Earth-Dave and faced with hypothetical scenarios drawn from the comics industry headlines. Variously described as “must see…” and “riotously hilarious”, it’s best summed up by former panelist Mike Carlin’s comment of “More fun than you should be allowed to have at a convention!”

Perusing the guest list, it jumped out at us how many of the guests are now manga artists; not that that would shock anyone, but way up from six years ago the last time we attended.

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