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Things that bugged me about INDY IV

You’ve all seen it, right?

Okay spoilers after the jump.

1) After watching the last few Indiana Jones movies recently — and I know this had been endlessly commented on — it’s appallingly clear that Indy is the worst vandal imaginable. He just goes around DESTROYING ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIGS willy nilly. Like in LAST CRUSADE, he finds — after centuries!! — the tomb of the last Knight Templar or whatever…and promptly dumps it into a lake of flaming oil. Nice. Similar acts of vandalism are rampant in CRYSTAL SKULL. Seriously, this guy is a menace.

2) So basically, Indy hooks up with Marion again at the ends of RAIDERS, knocks her up and dumps her for the second time and never even wants to talk to her again? Who is this guy — Superman? Isn’t it sad that Indy ended up spending the biggest part of his life alone? It’s nice that they got together when they were in their autumn years — just like Ged and Tenar in TEHANU — but it makes me sad that Indy and Marion didn’t spend more time together. Indy is a history-vandalizing cad any way you slice it.

3) Why was Ray Winstone‘s character even IN the movie. He spent the entire last hour tagging along without saying a word or doing anything significant. Red shirt all the way — was there even any question that he was going to die? Did you even care when he did?

4) Those goddamn CGI chipmunks. GROSS. JAR JAR. I’d rather watch Ewoks. At least Ewoks were midgets in suits, and not little farting CGI animals.


Irina Spalko. Best Indy villain ever. And, yes, it was nice to see a female villain who wasn’t just a seductress. Sure. Irina was just a man in drag, but Cate Blanchett played her as just as tough, competent and formidable as any of the Jones boys. In a movie where a 65-year-old dude is jumping off motorcycles, belief is already suspended all the way so have fun with it. Go go Galadriel! Unlike many, I thought the first hour or so was okay…I really only LOVED the middle part with the car chase and the fire ants.

For those who have seen it and want more, Todd Alcott analyzes the story here, here and here.

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