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The mystery of the AMAZING FANTASY #15 donation

It was big, big news recently when the entire original art for Amazing Fantasy #15, the origin story of Spider-Man himself, was presented to the Library of Congress by an unidentified donor. An incredible story. But who was that masked donor? Charles Yoakum looks at the evidence:

While I’m missing the attribution, it has been said that the donor asked Steve Ditko’s blessing before making the donation, so the question is, who is the donor? Or should we say, who isn’t the donor? And I certainly, with no other information other than real, true fanboy supposition, have to say: is there anyone in the world other than Stan Lee that could be the donor?

Lets use a little logic here. Artwork from that era is rare, and having an entire story together speaks volumes over who might have had their hands on the originals. Fantastic Four pages from a similar time frame have hardly shown up even after Jack’s death, and when they do, they are split up and scattered across the world.

Who do we know that was around the office back then?

You may find Yoakum’s logic unpersuasive, but it’s an interesting line of inquiry.

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