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The lost Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List–reconstructed

Last year, blogger Dick Hyacinth presented the world with a time-consuming project — compiling the 2007 best comics of the year lists into a critical consensus — much in the manner of the Village Voice’s old Pazz and Jop critics poll. He started doing the same for 2008 but suddenly, right in the middle…he disappeared, full on Edwin Drood style.

Now, in the manner of Steven Spielberg’s reconstruction of Stanley Kubrick’s A.I., , Sandy Bilus has gathered together Hyacinth’s notes and compiled a Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List:

Methodology: I gave each critic 550 points. Critics who wrote unnumbered lists distributed their points evenly among the books on their lists, while critics with numbered lists distributed their points according to a formula created by Chad Nevett. I only counted lists that had five or more books; for numbered lists with more than 20 books, I only counted the top 20. I also only counted general “best of” lists, not lists limited to a certain genre or type of comic book.

We’ll direct you to the post for the entire list, but the #1 book won’t be a surprise, and the top 20 are a warm reminder that comics are fucking awesome these days.

[Right, the cover to the final book on the list.]

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