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The future is now

If you’re like The Beat — and we’re certain that you are — you were sent into major drool-bucket mode at the announcement of the $200 3G iPhone. However such technology comes at a price. We’re certain this Slate post is but one of a myriad of warnings going up about how this soon-to-be-as-ubiquitous-as-an-iPod device will accelerate the sinister Hive-i-fication of society:

Apple’s new phone also has the potential to take GPS technology to a level that Garmin and its competitors have not. GPS will no longer be for driving directions alone; instead, it’s going to be a way to provide location-based services. With applications like Loopt, iPhone users will be able to see if their friends are nearby. In a perfect world, the GPS iPhone might even do the impossible—make Twitter useful. Eventually, it’s easy to imagine a scenario in which you walk into a bar and see how many of your Facebook friends are in the room.

We can imagine such a scenario indeed, although any technology that makes obsolete the old “walking into a bar and checking out who’s there” technology may not be entirely desirable.

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