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The Flash: First Look Images Of Godspeed Revealed

The first official look at Godspeed in season 5 of The Flash has been revealed. The CW has become the definitive home for DC content on the small screen over the last several years. Once the Arrowverse began, it wasn't long before The Flash started to expand the world through the lens of the speedster Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). The show is currently winding down its fifth season, which has seen a non-speedster in Cicada take on the main villain role.

This change was much appreciated by viewers after The Flash fell into a pattern of pitting Barry up against fellow speedsters. It wasn't long before everyone on the show seemed to have super speed, and at this point most of them do have at least some form of powers. But, as the fifth season starts to come to a close, viewers will be treated to a new speedster foe, and one that's a recent creation of DC Comics.

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The CW (via CBR) has officially released the first images of season five's upcoming foe, Godspeed. The first of two images offers a detailed and close up look at the suit, with the all white design with gold lightning bolts and accents. The second image unveils the full design of the suit as the white electricity sparks around him.

August Heart aka Godspeed was only first created in 2016 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. He was introduced as a coworker of Barry Allen at Central City Police Department and quickly became friends after a shared loss. After he was struck by lighting, Barry originally began mentoring him, but August was actually using his newfound powers for his own gain. He hunts down and murders the presumed killer of his brother. Other than getting revenge on his brother's killer, Godspeed's primary objective is stealing the Speed Force of fellow speedsters, which normally results in killing the other speedster.

Godspeed will make his debut in The Flash during the brand new episode airing tonight, April 16, that's aptly titled "Godspeed." It's not yet clear how he'll factor into this episode or the remainder of the season at this point, but that should change once the new episode debuts. Considering this is the first look at him and no casting has been announced at this point, he could largely remain a mysterious new speedster upon his debut. This could mean that The Flash is going to change up aspects of Heart's backstory and changes will need to happen regardless thanks to the varying states of the world Godspeed was introduced in on the page and now here. Either way, it's safe to say that his suit looks great and hopefully he'll be a memorable addition to the series.

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The Flash season 5 returns with "Godspeed" on Tuesday, April 16 at 8/7 central on the CW.

Source: The CW [via CBR]

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