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The Creator's Life #1: Chris Roberson

As was widely noted yesterday, writer Chris Roberson tweeted the end of his working relationship with DC Comics:

Having an afternoon cocktail to celebrate the end of my time at DC.
Aside from the Fairest arc I already committed to doing, iZombie will be the last time I’ll ever write for DC.
Sorry. In a better world, characters like the Legion would be owned by a more ethical company, but sadly not in this one.
The short version is, I don’t agree with the way they treat other creators and their general business practices.
I decided quite some time ago, but waited until after the cancellation of my book was announced to discuss it.

He elaborated in a statement to Comics Alliance and other websites:
Based on the reaction on Twitter, his move was met, by some fans, anyway, with a “Who does he think he is”? response. Well, he’s a guy who was a successful, award-nominated writer and publisher long before he started working at DC, so we imagine he’ll be just fine. But this entire cycle of fan depreciation of the creator is depressing. More after we’ve had our own cocktail.

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