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The Comic Book Murder!

Dtl Comic Title.H2
DATELINE covered the Michael George case on Friday and a complete transcript and video excerpt are up.

Lenora Ward: She knew our names. Immediately when we would walk in, she would light up with a smile. Many times, she would actually come around the counter to greet us.

But not on this early evening, just after 6 p.m. Tom and Lenora had thumbed through the bins and found their comic, but no one was there to take their money, not Barb or her husband Michael, the co-owner. Some teenagers in the shop weren’t being waited on either.

In addition to the expected lurid graphics, there are also some old photos of the store as it looked in the 90s.
1 Exterior.Standard
Were the 90s really so long ago that that car looks like an LeSabre or something?

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