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The Avengers Will Get a New Headquarters in Late-2018

The Avengers Will Get a New Headquarters in Late-2018

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will settle into a brand new headquarters once their battle against the giant Dark Celestials comes to an end. Writer Jason Aaron and artist David Marquez will introduce Avengers Headquarters in the pages of Avengers #8 this September.

“Dark secrets lurk in the shadows of the Avengers’ new headquarters as the team is finally assembled and ready to face the greatest threats the world has to offer!” Executive Editor Tom Brevoort teased in a press release. “And it’s a good thing, too, because trouble-spots are erupting all over the globe—beginning with an attack by Namor, the Sub-Mariner! It all leads up to and into our big 700th issue in just a few months, as we showcase just why we’re considering Avengers the crossroads of the Marvel Universe, the place where elements from every aspect of our far-flung cosmology clash!”

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Avengers #8 Cover by David Marquez

The Avengers have had a couple of different headquarters over the decades, from Avengers Mansion to Avengers Tower. The “No Surrender” weekly event also reintroduced the forgotten emergency auxiliary Avengers headquarters from 1965’s Avengers #13, by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

However, a new team of Avengers calls for a new base of operations. It’s quite possible this is the same mountain that the Thunderbolts use to call home, which also doubled as Norman Osborn’s H.A.M.M.E.R. headquarters in Colorado. Marquez’s cover for Avengers #8 shows the team facing off against a giant Celestial on a mountaintop, so the Colorado locale may turn out to be an accurate guess.

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Jason Aaron and David Marquez’s Avengers #8 goes on sale September 19 from Marvel Comics.

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