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Take a Closer Look at Vans’ New Marvel Shoe, Apparel Collab

Take a Closer Look at Vans’ New Marvel Shoe, Apparel Collab

Ever wanted to walk in the same shoes as your favorite superheroes? Well, now you’ll be able to, thanks to a collaboration between skateboarding apparel giant Vans and Marvel Comics. The collaboration between the two companies was first teased last February, but now we have a first look at some of the products that will be hitting store shelves very soon.

The pictures, first released by io9, shows various amazing shoes based on fan-favorites Avengers and X-Men characters. There are Hulk-based shoes that make it look like you’re the one with giant green feet; there are sleek Black Panther inspired kicks that may or may not allow you to run as fast as the King of Wakanda; and there are awesome red Deadpool shoes that look like the merc’ with a mouth’s official footwear.

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And that’s just for starters: there are also pairs of shoes inspired by Spider-Man, Thor and Baby Groot. Plus, you can even own various colorful sandals, and a Captain Marvel backpack that’s set to make you want to journey out in space. On top of that, fans will even be able to make their own custom shoes thanks to three different prints that will be available through Vans Customs.

Check out the full gallery bellow.

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Vans’ Marvel-inspired collection is set to hit stores June 8.

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