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Supernatural: 10 Storylines That Are Still Not Resolved

From classic monster of the week episodes to the apocalypse and an epic battle between good and evil, Supernatural has been churning out exciting, frightening, and endlessly enjoyable stories for almost fourteen seasons, but even the best shows have their fair share of boring storylines.

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Mostly thanks to the shows fan base, which is more than willing to express its disappointment with the characters and specific stories, there have been many storylines that writers have simply abandoned over the years. With the shocking news that Supernatural will come to an end after its fifteenth season, we've collected 10 storylines that the show seems to have forgotten.

10 Adam Is Still In Hell

You might remember that in the season five finale, which saw Sam and Dean fight to save the world from Michael and Lucifer, Adam (possessed by Michael) was banished to the cage alongside Lucifer. As far as anyone knows, the youngest Winchester brother is still being tormented in hell, without any sign of help from his heroic siblings.

While Sam and Dean have sacrificed themselves for one another on more than one occasion, they don't seem to care that their younger brother has been trapped in hell since season five. For siblings that care a great deal about family and honor, it's shocking that Sam and Dean haven't tried to save Adam from the pit.

9 Jesse Turner Is The Antichrist

Introduced after Lucifer's arrival in season five, Jesse Turner aka. the Antichrist was the child of a demon and according to Castiel, the young boy was destined to side with Lucifer and use his immense power to destroy the host of heaven.

When Sam and Dean came across Jesse and his incredible powers, fans rightfully expected the character to play a major role in the war against Lucifer and the overall narrative, but it's been almost nine seasons and Jesse Turner has made no other appearances in the series. You would think a being as powerful as Jesse would be something for the Winchester brothers to worry about, but they don't seem overly worried that the Antichrist is still out there.

8 Sam's Demon Powers

You'll undoubtedly remember that in the earlier seasons of Supernatural, the show focused most of its attention on Sam and his frightening visions of the future. As the show progressed into more apocalyptic territory, Sam learned (with a little help from Ruby) that drinking Demon blood would intensify his strength and even give him the power exorcise demons with his mind.

While Sam's addiction to demon blood was eventually cured, it's safe to assume that his demon powers are still intact, but the show hasn't mentioned or referenced Sam's connection to the dark side in years. It's somewhat unusual that one of the shows most intriguing and entertaining narrative threads was just left behind and never looked at again.

7 Dean And Lisa's Relationship

Following Sam's sacrifice at the end of season five, Dean attempted to live a normal life with Lisa and her son Ben, but things didn't last long when a soulless Sam returned from the pit.

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While Sam and Dean have had their fair share of flings over the years, Supernatural has never been a show about romantic relationships. Dean's time with Lisa and Ben, however, was one of the shows most enjoyable storylines, which made it even more heartbreaking when Dean asked Castiel to erase their memories of him. As the love of Dean's life and his one connection to a normal existence, it's disappointing that we've never returned to his relationship with Lisa and Ben.

6 Where Is Chuck/God?

Supernatural fans were somewhat surprised when writers confirmed in season eleven that Chuck was, in fact, God the entire time. After years of speculation and hype, God was finally a major character in the series, but fans were ultimately left disappointed when the great almighty abandoned earth to spend some quality time with his sister aka. The Darkness.

Since his departure at the end of season eleven, God hasn't returned or had much of a presence in the series. It's both surprising and disappointing that a character as important as God didn't play a much larger role in the overall series. With one more season to go, could Supernatural bring Chuck back one last time?

5 Is Benny Alive?

Fans of Supernatural will likely remember Dean's vampire best friend Benny Lafitte, who was introduced as a close ally to the older Winchester brother during his time trapped in purgatory. The character was last seen when he decided to stay in purgatory and give Sam enough time to escape.

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While Benny was trapped in purgatory, where he felt more comfortable, the show never officially killed the character and he's even been mentioned since his departure. The writers clearly haven't forgotten about Denny and his return would certainly be an interesting narrative decision, which forces us to wonder why Supernatural hasn't tied this thread and resolved this story.

4 Amy Pond's Son Wants Revenge

One of the shows most baffling unresolved storylines comes in the form of Jacob Pond, a young kitsune who vowed to kill Dean back in season nine.

You might remember that in one of his darkest moments, Dean killed Sam's childhood friend Amy Pond, a kitsune who murdered criminals to feed her unwell son. Years have passed since Jacob vowed to get his revenge, but the character hasn't been seen or heard from since. It's unlikely that Jacob will make a return in the final season, forcing us to question what happened to the young boy and his hunger for vengeance.

3 What's Going On With The Colt?

While Sam and Dean have an impressive arsenal of weapons at their disposal, including the incredibly powerful angel blades, there's no denying that a gun that kills almost every creature on earth would come in handy every once in a while.

The colt, which was introduced as a game-changing weapon in season one, was badly damaged when Castiel failed to kill Dagon in season twelve. Despite the fact that Sam said he would try and repair the colt, the weapon hasn't been seen or mentioned since. Even with the many weapons in the boot of Dean's car, you'd think a gun as useful as the colt would rank relatively high on the Winchesters' priorities, but it seems they have more urgent matters to attend to.

2 Bloodlines

While there have been a few attempted Supernatural spin-offs, Bloodlines left the biggest unresolved storyline for the show. For those that might not remember, the back-door pilot for the spin-off took place in season nine, introducing Sam and Dean to a number of different monster families in Chicago.

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The CW eventually decided to kill the series before it even started, and the characters haven't been seen or mentioned on Supernatural since. While it makes sense that the writers/creators don't want to revisit a previous failure, it seems slightly out of character for Sam and Dean to completely ignore the fact that Chicago is infested with monsters.

1 The Banes Twins

Supernatural has introduced many recurring characters over the years, but Max and Alicia Banes are easily two of the most intriguing. The last time we saw the Banes twins, Max had made the risky decision to resurrect his sister as a twig and twine doll, leaving fans excited to see what happens next.

Unfortunately, the Supernatural writers don't seem interested in revisiting this particular storyline and the Banes twins are yet to appear in another episode. While the writers have moved on to different characters and storylines, it feels strange that the show hasn't addressed or referenced the Banes twins since their last appearance.

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