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Supernatural: 10 Best Sam Quotes

Sam Winchester of Supernatural is known for his book smarts, his sensitivity, and his proneness to tragedy (his girlfriend Jessica's death, his addiction to demon blood...). Over the years, Sam's grown up (and grown out his hair) a lot from the young Stanford student with dreams of becoming a lawyer and living a normal life to the hardened hunter that still sees the good in the world.

Really, it's amazing that Sam still has a soft spot after all the evil he's seen and the tragedy he's endured. In any case, Sam has left us with heartfelt, hilarious and other such moments thanks to his comments. Here are Sam's 10 best quotes that we've secretly memorized.

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10 "It's spectacu-lacu-lar."

Remember that time Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) got themselves checked into a mental institution just by telling the doctor about their lives (of course, it was to find a monster inside)? Sam mistakenly believes the doctor to be the wraith and attacks and winds up back in his room doped up beyond measure.

Dean checks on him, but turns out, Sam's doing "spectacu-lacu-lar." Well, Sam's always been happily loopy under the influence. You can't resist the urge to declare everything "spectacu-lacu-lar." When you do, your fellow Supernatural fans will love you for it.

9 "If it bleeds, you can kill it."

Sam has never liked clowns. In "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie", Sam has his worst run-in with clowns yet. For one, they're everywhere. Two, they try to kill him until they explode in glittery eruption. Sam develops a soothing mantra to help himself deal with the clowns (unfortunately the clowns don't bleed in this case), taken from what Dean said to him.

Sam declares at the episode's end that after everything that went down in the episode, clowns don't seem so scary to him anymore. Maybe in some way that's true, but Sam still has issues as it's plainly clear he's still not comfortable around them. Keep up the mantra, Sam.

8 "Yesterday was Tuesday..."

For most, the dreaded day of the week is Monday. For Sam, it's Tuesday. Sam lived many, many of the exact same Tuesdays in a row. All of which ended in Dean's death. "Mystery Spot" is something of a morbid Groundhog Day episode, but it's also a fan favorite.

Sam feverishly works to change the ending of his dreaded Tuesday by keeping his brother alive. After witnessing several of Dean's deaths, he manages to finally make it to Wednesday. We wouldn't blame Sam if he dreaded every Tuesday for the rest of his life. Our Mondays are looking pretty good in comparison.

7 "I think the fourth kind is a butt thing."

Soulless Sam was brutal and cold, but he definitely had his funny moments. While Dean is being chased by what he believes is a UFO, Sam nonchalantly talks with him on the phone. It was an interesting time to see a completely different version of Sam where he lacked any kind of feeling at all and instead was direct, driven, and calculating. In "Clap Your Hands if You Believe", Dean's emphasizing empathy to Sam the entire episode, and Sam struggles to grasp the concept.

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The detached manner in which he reacts after Dean is abducted is brutal but strangely amusing (mostly because of Dean's reaction to Sam's state when he returns). While this was an interesting insight, we're definitely glad Sam got his soul back.

6 "Why do you keep talking about my shoulders?"

One of the most popular Supernatural episodes is without a doubt the animated crossover with Scooby-Doo. In that episode, Velma frequently talks about Sam's shoulders, clearly portraying that she has a thing for Sam. When the two end up looking for clues together alone, Sam asks her why she keeps mentioning his shoulders, much to Velma's embarrassment.

This may not be his most memorable quote but its association with the episode and Velma's infatuation with him is definitely memorable. Sam's height and hair are frequent topics in the SPN community, why not his shoulders too?

5 "'Insane' is kind of what we do."

Sam's not kidding; this is an accurate summation of how the Winchesters spend their days. For Sam, he's been doing 'insane' practically since day one. For a while, Sam escaped the insanity while at Stanford, and again while Dean was in Purgatory.

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Yet, somehow Sam is always drawn back into it and accepts it with a sad, yet it-is-what-it-is attitude. It's ironic, really, how Sam has seen and fought practically everything under the sun and still has a fear of clowns despite it all. Clowns must rank higher on the insanity scale than vampires or demons.

4 "I lost my shoe."

You just have to feel sorry for Sam when he says that, and the look on his face is perfect. Accidentally cursed with bad luck, Sam endures one mishap after the other--including losing his shoe, which goes down a drain while he's trying to scrape the gum off the bottom.

Now, the Winchesters, especially Sam, have plenty of bad days but when you're cursed with bad luck, it's a whole other kind of bad day. Before the bad luck runs out, Sam catches on fire and knocks himself out, too. It's just not his day. Fun fact: Jared Padalecki actually lost his shoe in real life, too. That's one seriously dedicated actor.

3 "You're too precious for this world."

While Sam and Dean are searching for the monster of the week in a Season 2 episode, they wind up at one another's throats and on their last nerve until Bobby (Jim Beaver) sorts them out. However, while they are recounting events, Dean mentions Sam acting all sappy and sensitive during one of their interviews with a witness by declaring him too precious for the world and embracing him emotionally.

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While Sam didn't actually act in the manner Dean claims he did, this wouldn't be an unusual quote in Sam's world. Sam is sensitive to others and their emotions, much more so than his brother. If you need a hug and some compassion, Sam's your guy.

2 "You want to know what I confessed in there...?"

This was one of the most emotional moments Supernatural has had thus far. Sam's about to complete the trials when Dean stops him, and it leads to a serious and heartfelt discussion between the two brothers.

Sam lays down all his vulnerabilities for Dean to see, and Dean reassures him that nothing and no one matters more to him than Sam.  The two have had their problems and differences over the last fourteen seasons, but at the end of the day, family comes first and Dean will always look out for Sam regardless of their issues.

1 "Jerk."

Sam's comeback to Dean's "b***h" is one of the best-known dialogue exchanges in Supernatural. The exchange is often used to lighten a serious moment or to show one another brotherly affection, but it's also an inside look to Sam and Dean's bond as brothers. Their childhood was unpredictable, dysfunctional and oftentimes gory thanks to hunting. Addressing one another with these terms developed in their childhood, possibly as a coping mechanism to help out the other and possess something normal in their family. One of the driving forces of the show is the bond between the two brothers, making this one of Sam's most memorable quotes.

Sam, like anyone, has had his ups-and-downs over the years. Just not your normal run-of-the-mill kind. Narrowing down just a few things out of everything Sam's ever said over the last fourteen seasons was no easy task, but these are among some of the most notable--or at least, the most relevant. It's going to be tough to say goodbye to Sam next year but we'll cope with reruns and binge marathons of Supernatural. Sigh.

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