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Static Shock: Kyle Baker Shares Early Look at Earth M Reboot

Static Shock: Kyle Baker Shares Early Look at Earth M Reboot

The upcoming Milestone relaunch has just released an early glimpse of Static Shock, courtesy artist Kyle Baker.

The Eisner Award-winning artist weeted an image of Milestone Media’s most famous superhero Static in action. Baker will launch a new Static Shock ongoing series with writer Reginald Hudlin as part of DC’s upcoming Milestone reboot under the Earth M banner.

The Milestone relaunch was formally announced in October at New York Comic Con. Overseen by Hudlin and Milestone co-founders Denys Cowan and Derek Dingle, Earth M will take place outside DC Universe continuity, in contrast to recent developments in which Static was a member of the Teen Titans. The relaunch will include Static Shock, Earth M by Hudlin and artist Alice Randall, Love Army by Hudlin, and Duo by writer Greg Pak.

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Static was created in 1993 by the late Dwayne McDuffie, Michael Davis, Cowan and Dingle as the flagship here for the Milestone imprint. As Virgil Hawkins, the character faced the typical trials and tribulations of a teenager but with the added complication of suddenly gaining electricity-based superpowers. The character received his own animated series in 2000 that aired for four seasons, with Virgil voiced by Phil LaMarr. The character was integrated into the DC Universe in 2009, following Final Crisis.

The Earth M imprint was originally scheduled to launch this spring but has been delayed to an unspecified date. However, Baker’s Static Shock tease may signal the debut is not far off.

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