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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown - 12 Story Reveals & Secrets

Lucasfilm has dropped the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and we're going to explore it all in our breakdown. One of the most eagerly-anticipated films of the year, the pressure is on to bring the entire Star Wars Saga to a satisfying conclusion. The Last Jedi may have been a box office success, but it proved tremendously divisive among Star Wars fans. It's up to writer-director J.J. Abrams to wrap things up and hopefully end the controversy.

Today, at Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm finally allowed viewers their first glimpse of the first trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. The studio's actually been more secretive about The Rise of Skywalker than for any other Star Wars film since the franchise was relaunched in 2015; in fact, until Star Wars Celebration they hadn't even confirmed the film's title. Picking up a tip from Marvel Studios, they decided to leave the title announcement until the end of the trailer.

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Now the marketing campaign for Star Wars 9 is about to kick into gear. This, of course, is just the first teaser trailer, and it's designed to raise a lot more questions than provide concrete answers. Further trailers and TV spots will be released as we get nearer to the official release date, hinting at solution to many of the film's mysteries. But let's take a look at what's been revealed and implied by this initial teaser in our Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer breakdown.

12. Rey on The Jordan Planet

The first scenes from the Star Wars 9 trailer are all set on a mysterious desert planet. There's a sense of symmetry to this; the original trilogy began and ended on Tatooine, now the sequel trilogy begins with Jakku and ends with another desert world. The planet is as yet unidentified, but this footage was all shot in Jordan over a three-week period. It could be that the Resistance have established a base here, far away from civilization, and no doubt Rey would be entirely comfortable with the harsh, arid environment.

11. Rey Has Been Learning From Luke Skywalker

According to the voiceover, Rey has been training in the Force under the tutelage of Luke's Force Ghost, possibly with the help of other Force Ghosts too as Luke says "we" have been teaching her. Her lessons have come to an end, and now the knowledge of a thousand generations of Jedi has been concentrated in this one last person. Rey must vanquish the darkness once and for all.

10. The Remade Lightsaber

The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer focuses in on Rey's lightsaber, which she has repaired after it was torn apart in The Last Jedi. Building a lightsaber is an important step in the journey of any Jedi. It's typically seen as a sort of "graduation ceremony," proving that you've learned everything you need to know about the Force and are ready to serve the Light as a Jedi Knight. It isn't just a matter of engineering; it takes mastery of the Force to attune a Kyber Crystal to the lightsaber. The experience creates a transcendent bond between the Jedi and their weapon.

In repairing the lightsaber so well, Rey has claimed it as her own. She has become the embodiment of Anakin Skywalker's legacy as a Jedi Knight; oddly enough, she's achieved this in a way that even Luke never did, as he was never bonded with this lightsaber.

9. Kylo Ren's New TIE Interceptor

The forces of the First Order have arrived on this mysterious desert world, presumably seeking the Resistance. Rey is alone, stranded in the desert, breathing heavily - and she is pursued. Kylo Ren himself has found her, and he's flying a new version of his TIE Interceptor. It's interesting to see Kylo Ren fly the TIE Interceptor so close to the ground, highlighting his pilot mastery. What's more, notice that he doesn't attempt to shoot Rey, instead trying to run her down; it could be that his weapons systems have been disabled. Alternatively, at this point in the film Kylo could have fallen so far into the Dark Side that he simply wants the visceral thrill of such a brutal kill.

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8. Kylo Ren's Mask Has Been Remade

Rey isn't the only one to have been doing some repair work. The Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer shows Kylo Ren welding his mask back together. The mask was intended to symbolize his representing the legacy of Darth Vader. Kylo smashed it to pieces in a fit of rage in The Last Jedi, but he's evidently come to regret that decision.

There's an odd sense in which this shot feels like a commentary on the sequel trilogy itself. Rian Johnson wasn't as invested in all the links and connections between the different trilogies; he tossed aside a lot of J.J. Abrams' "Mystery Box" plots in a careless, almost off-handed manner, and that was really why the mask was broken in the first place. Abrams is carefully piecing back together some of the plot elements he was most invested in.

7. BB-8 and D-O

BB-8 has a new friend; another droid created by Industrial Light and Magic called D-O who made his debut at Star Wars Celebration. At this stage, there's no way to know what D-O's role will be in the film, but he's sure to feature heavily in the merchandise.

Page 2 of 2: The Return of Lando, the Death Star... And The Emperor?!

6. Lando Piloting the Falcon

Billy Dee Williams is returning to Star Wars as an older Lando Calrissian - and it seems he's getting the chance to fly the Falcon once again. The Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker trailer shows a shot of Lando piloting the Falcon. It takes on a new depth of meaning after Solo: A Star Wars Story, which revealed that the consciousness of Lando's old droid L3-37 was uploaded into the Falcon after her body was destroyed. There was a strong bond between Lando and L3, and it's fitting to see them reunited in a sense.

5. The Skiff Battle

The Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer spins back to the desert planet, showing an action shot in which the Resistance flee from the First Order. There's a distinct contrast between the technology level of the First Order and the Resistance; the Resistance's skiffs seem ramshackle, barely kept together, while the First Order Stormtroopers are in the usual speeders. Poe, Finn, and Threepio are all on one skiff, and they're taking heavy fire.

4. Han Solo's Rebellion Medal

The Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker trailer slows a little to show Leia Organa looking at Han Solo's old Rebellion medal. It's a powerful, emotional shot, given Leia herself presented this medal to Han after the Battle of Yavin. No doubt Leia is mourning the death of her husband, who was killed by Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's easy to forget that General Leia Organa has suffered great personal tragedies over the course of her life; she's proved herself a hero because she has sacrificed so much for the sake of the Galaxy.

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3. Farewell to Leia

Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker isn't just the end of the Skywalker Saga; it's also an opportunity for fans to bid a heartfelt farewell to the late, great Carrie Fisher. Lucasfilm has used previously-unseen footage from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to incorporate General Leia Organa into this story, and at the Star Wars Celebration Episode IX panel they stressed just how much of a presence Fisher has in the film. The trailer shows an emotional shot in which Rey gives Leia an embrace, tears streaking down her face. Whatever this may mean in the story, to viewers it's a beautiful moment that acknowledges the Star Wars franchise's debt to Carrie Fisher. A voiceover from Mark Hamill adds to the power of it all; "We will always be with you."

2. The Death Star

In a surprising twist, the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker heads to what appears to be Endor, with the heroes of the Resistance looking at the wreckage of the second Death Star. The Death Star was destroyed over the Forest Moon of Endor, but it looks as though large chunks remained intact, and were drawn in by the Moon's gravitational pull. Interestingly, this shot shows a very different Endor to the forested world of the original trilogy. Fans have long speculated that the chunks of Death Star debris would have caused an ecological and environmental disaster for Endor, and that may well be the case. Hopefully, that doesn't mean the Ewoks have been rendered extinct.

1. The Emperor Returns

"No one's ever really gone," Luke's voice intones, clear guidance being offered to Rey by his Force Ghost. But those words take on an ominous tone in a sinister, evil laugh that will be immediately familiar to Star Wars viewers. It's the trademark laugh of Palpatine, last of the Sith Lords, the greatest of all the Dark Side users. The Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker trailer dropped at the Star Wars Celebration Episode IX panel, and when the lights were turned back on, everyone in attendance was stunned to see that Ian McDiarmid himself had taken to the stage. His presence acted as confirmation; Palpatine is back.

It's a smart move on Lucasfilm's part, because the return of Palpatine means there's a single narrative thread connecting the original trilogy, the prequels, and the sequels. Palpatine is restored to his rightful place as the great villain of the entire Star Wars Saga, and indeed the First Order potentially become his pawns in a bid to regain power across the galaxy. At this stage, there's no way to say for sure how Palpatine has returned; dark siders can't traditionally live on after death in Star Wars lore. The one exception, confirmed in the new canon, is through relics such as Sith masks. So the fact that Palpatine has been heard but not shown may indicate that he's disembodied, possessing and influencing someone through a relic of some kind.

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