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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revival Trailer - Ahsoka Returns

A brand new trailer for the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a seventh season teases the conclusion of the prequel story and the return of Ahsoka Tano. Before Disney acquired Lucasfilm and helped relaunch Star Wars on the big screen, it was only Clone Wars that was providing fans of a galaxy far, far away with new content that wasn't books. Through five successful seasons, the series explored the time between Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

While many fans came to love the show for the deeper relationship it gave Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the star of the series eventually became Ahsoka Tano. The padawan of Anakin initially annoyed many in the animated movie that predated the series, but series creator Dave Filoni continued to feature her and make her a fan-favorite. Unfortunately, the entire story of Clone Wars was cut short after Disney bought Lucasfilm, leaving the series' story unfulfilled. Ahsoka did return in Star Wars Rebels, but it wasn't in the leading capacity.

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Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was being revived for a seventh season that will serve as the proper conclusion to the series. A short teaser was released at that time, and now at Star Wars Celebration (via Disneyland Experience), a full trailer for the new season has been released. The trailer begins with a brief recap of past events before diving all-in on what fans can expect to see in the final episodes, which look to be plenty focused on Ahsoka.

As it was previously unclear what Ahsoka had been up to between leaving the Jedi Academy and reappearing in Star Wars: Rebels, this trailer highlights that she's found a home in the underground world of Coruscant. While she does this to try and stay out of the fight it would appear, we know that won't last. The original teaser showed her teaming back up with the Mandalorians. In this trailer, we actually get to see her working alongside the clone army and Anakin, who has given her dual lightsabers back.

The end of the trailer is likely to leave fans buzzing even more, as it teases the return of Darth Maul once more. He recently made a reappearance on the big screen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but he is in a very different place there than he was during season 6 of Clone Wars. The clash between Ahsoka and Maul will hopefully be worth the wait, even though Maul mentions that he is actually looking for Obi-Wan - and fans of Star Wars: Rebels know he will eventually find him.

With an official release date not yet revealed for the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it is unlikely that this will be the last piece of footage to be released. Disney's streaming service Disney+ is set to be the home of the new season and with the service launching in November, it hopefully won't be too long after this launch that the new season is made available.

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Source: Disneyland Experience

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