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Stan Lee Thanks Fans in His First Ever Twitter Video

Stan Lee Thanks Fans in His First Ever Twitter Video

Following his first real post made to Twitter, comics legend Stan Lee has now uploaded his first ever video to the social network.

The video comes after Lee revealed that previous posts under his @TheRealStanLee Twitter account weren’t made by him, but rather by a third party. Lee earlier indicated he wanted to learn how to post videos and live-stream as well, so as to better interact with his fans. Now, it seems he’s doing just that.

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“Hey, true believers, I just want to tell you I love your comments on Twitter,” he said in the video. “I don’t know how much I’ve been missing now that I see them and I just want you to know I appreciate everything you say and do. I love you all and let’s keep up this relationship. Excelsior!”

The man behind Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Black Panther, and so many other beloved Marvel properties is making quite a splash on social media these days, having also indicated earlier on Tuesday that he was trying to get back control of his Facebook and Instagram — which he said was “hijacked” by a fraud impersonating him.

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These new developments come on the heels of Lee suing his entertainment company POW! Entertainment for $1 billion dollars, claiming the company stole his identity. Recently, he was also embroiled in another bit of drama where he denied allegations that he’d been the subject of elder abuse.

Last month, Lee made multiple threats to sue those responsible for what he characterized as “slander.” The allegations of the abuse were made against Lee’s daughter J.C. Lee, with a notarized declaration by the 95-year-old comics creator that indicated three men, including his current primary caregiver Keya Morgan, tried to take advantage of J.C., all in an effort to gain control over Lee’s “assets, property and money.”

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