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Spider-Men & Women Across the Multiverse Unite in Spidergeddon Teaser

Spider-Men & Women Across the Multiverse Unite in Spidergeddon Teaser

Marvel Comics has released an exciting new teaser for its Spider-Man-centric late-2018 event series, Spidergeddon.

Taking cues from DC’s Watchmen, the teases touts, “Spidergeddon is Nigh,” and features several fan-favorite Spider-Men and Women from across the Multiverse and multpile eras of Spider-Man gone by. It also teases the creative team for the core Spidergeddon event: writer Christos Gage and artist Jorge Molina.

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Take a look at Marvel’s latest teaser for the much-hyped Spidey event, below.

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Poised to serve as a follow-up to the successful Spider-Verse event, Spidergeddon — though still shrouded in mystery — is expected to bring together various spider-powered heroes from various runs on the friendly-neighbourhood wall-crawler.

The event kicks off with Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 and #2, which had their solicits revealed a couple weeks back, confirming the presence of more fringe Spider-Men and Women like SP//dr and Spider-Punk.

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Considering the ominous title of 2018’s Spider-event, things aren’t looking too good for the surviving Spider-Men and Women…

Stay tuned to CBR as further details are revealed surrounding the mysterious Spidergeddon, in addition to solicits, covers, teasers and more!

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