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So much for asking for a review copy…

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The Comics Journal message board comments on the fact that KRAMERS ERGOT #7, the new issue of Sammy Harkham’s epic and influential avant garde comics anthology will cost $125 for 96 pages. You can see the Amazon listing here. K. Parille explains.

The book is more expensive than earlier volumes because it is much larger. From an interview with Sammy Harkham:
“You’ve seen that Little Nemo book?” he asks, hands spreading reflexively to encompass the famous, full-page scope of Winsor McKay’s early-20th-century newspaper strip. “Issue number seven is going to be like that. Big—big—16 by 21! Every artist gets three pages. That’s it. But with that assignment, an artist is going to make work that wouldn’t exist otherwise. I’m so excited.”

Luke Przybylski weighs options:

A few things: Prices aren’t set arbitrarily. The size and overall printing quality, not to mention the quality of the art/comics themselves may very well be amazing enough to many of us that we’d drop $125. We’ll all have a better idea when we see the thing, but if it is that amazing, we should be congratulating Sammy and everyone else involved for making a great book, for pushing things in new directions. What’s the point if they keep doing the same thing every couple of years? KE is definitely in need of something or other at this point, and going bigger and badder will be really interesting to see.

Przybylski suggests setting aside $10 or $20 a week to save up for the book. We suggest setting hammer to piggy bank if necessary. Due to our own space problems at Stately Beat Manor, we may just leaf through a friend’s copy, at least until severe jealousy sets in.

Or you can order it from Amazon for $78.75 .

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