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Shirtless Bear-Fighter Gets Vinyl Figure (And Pantsless Variant!)

Shirtless Bear-Fighter Gets Vinyl Figure (And Pantsless Variant!)

Watch out, Teddy Ruxpin: Image Comics’ Shirtless Bear-Fighter has made the jump to three-dimensions — still sans shirt, natch — with a new vinyl figure of Shirtless (yes, that’s his name) from Skelton Crew Studio. The figure is based on the art of Nil Vendrell, and Skelton Crew has also produced a pantsless variant complete with, ahem, “dixilation.” CBR has the first details.

The figure is 8.5-inches tall, articulated at the waist and shoulders and not available in stores — to get one (or both), they need to be ordered at Both versions are now available for pre-order, and based on the comic created by Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrell.

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“We reached out to Jody and the crew before SBF #1 even hit the stands — the concept was that killer and the art I’d seen looked amazing,” Skelton Crew Studio head Israel Skelton, whose company has produced merchandise for comics including Locke & Key, Hellboy, Chew, said in a press release. “The book’s an absolute riot from start to finish and we’re thrilled to bring Shirtless to life.”

In good news for fans and more bad news for bears, anyone who pre-orders a figure of the “the world’s most shirtless man” before July 1 will receive a plush “bear-skin” rug as part of the package. Those who pre-order both will receive an “exclusive replica of the note from the bears to Shirtless,” as depicted in the comic book series.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner in Skelton Crew Studio,” LeHeup said in a statement. “Israel and his team are incredibly professional, detail-oriented, and passionate about making some of the best, most true-to-the-comic merch out there.”

The five-issue Shirtless Bear-Fighter debuted in June 2017 from Image, and, in an act of mercy towards the world’s bear population, concluded its run in October. A gallery of images of both the Shirtless action figure and the pantsless “beariant” follows below.

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