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RUNAWAYS movie in the works with Vaughan

RunavaughanThe Hollywood Reporter reports that a movie based on RUNAWAYS may be coming:

Brian K. Vaughan, who co-created the series with artist Adrian Alphona, is writing the adaptation, for which Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will act as producer. Vaughan is also a co-producer and writer on ABC’s “Lost.”

As opposed to other Marvel characters getting the silver screen treatment, such as the Hulk and Spider-Man — who have been around since the 1960s and are pop-culture fixtures — the heroes in “Runaways” are relatively new, with the comic series launching in 2002.

Yes, that’s exactly right. Bringing RUNAWAYS to the screen would be a huge boost for Vaughan, as well as Marvel’s ability to adapt newer characters to marketable status.

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