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Ranked: All Seasons Of The Office

The Office is an iconic show that has made its place in pop culture in a big way. Even though the last episode aired nearly six years ago, the show still has many die-hard fans. Many of the quotes and scenes from the show are still favorites of the internet. While all fans have their favorite seasons, there are definitely some that are better than others.

Here are all of the seasons of The Office ranked from worst to best.

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Season eight was a time where The Office was really struggling to restructure itself. Michael Scott left the show at the end of season seven, and most of season eight was about trying to fit Robert California into the narrative. This character never quite meshed well and wasn’t that funny.

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Many of the storylines of this season just fell short, such as the trip to Florida to establish a Sabre store. Of course, this season had its funny and great moments just like the rest. However, it was obvious the show was struggling to recover from Michael’s departure.


The final season of the show was an improvement over season eight, but it was by far from the best season. This season was full of many twists including showing the camera crew on the show. The biggest storyline was about Pam and Jim’s relationship struggles as Jim started Athlead. While these moments were emotional, the season wasn’t as funny as many of the others. The finale episode was one of the most rewarding, however, as it gave a happy ending to most of the characters. But, even this episode couldn’t completely redeem this season.


Season six wasn’t the worst season of The Office, but it wasn't the best either. Jim and Pam’ wedding is a standout moment from this season that many fans enjoyed. The storylines with Michael Scott were a bit of a mess here though. He dates Donna as well as Pam’s mother Helene, and these relationships fall short in comparison to his connection to Holly. In this season, Dunder Mifflin merges with Sabre which is another moment of restructuring on the show that was a bit awkward to watch at first.


Season seven is a bit of a mixed bag overall. This season had some hilarious episodes such as “Nepotism” and “Threat Level Midnight” that stand out from some of the others. However, Michael leaves with Holly in this season, so the last few episodes are pretty weak.

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The episodes where Michael proposes to say goodbye were effectively emotional, but this left The Office figuring out where to go next. Probably the worst part of this season was the focus on DeAngelo Vickers played by Will Ferrell. Even though Ferrell is a great comedic actor, the character was mostly just annoying, not funny.


This season started it all, so it definitely deserves props for that. The first season is only six episodes, but it was able to pack a large punch and draw fans in a short amount of time. This season was really funny, but it could have been more effective if it was longer. The other downside of season one is that the characters and vibe of the show are still being established. Many of the important things about the series were set up in this season, such as the relationship between Pam and Jim. Considering this was the intro to the show, many things about season one worked really well.


This middle season of the series had a lot of heavy hitter episodes. Overall, almost every episode in this season is really funny, and there aren’t a lot of big change-ups here. In season five, The Office is doing what it did best and focused on the main characters that fans loved the most. 

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The main reason that this season isn’t higher up on the list is because of the episodes with Michael Scott’s Paper Company. The introduction of Charles Miner wasn’t particularly funny, and Michael leaving to start his own paper company seemed mostly like a pointless plot that didn’t matter in the end.


Season three was definitely funny, and there was enough drama going on to keep it interesting, too. This season had many funny episodes such as “Safety Training.”

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The main downside with this season was that the relationship between Jim and Karen was clearly just a plot to keep Jim and Pam apart longer. However, the episode “Beach Games” near the end of this season is a breakthrough moment for Pam that almost makes up for the Jim/Karen storyline.


Season two is a great season of The Office, and there aren’t many downsides to it. The only reason season two isn’t number one on this list is that the show was still figuring itself out a little. In this season, Pam and Roy are dating, and Jim is falling more in love with her. Michael Scott is also at his most ridiculous and extra, which leads to many funny moments such as the Booze Cruise.

1 1.SEASON 4

After season one, the next few seasons of the series really hit their stride. These seasons are when the show was at its funniest, and there wasn’t any need to try and change up the pattern. In season four, Michael and Jan’s awful relationship provides a lot of humor. In fact, one of the funniest episodes of the entire show, “Dinner Party,” takes place in season four. Plus, this is the season where Pam and Jim officially start dating, which was something many fans were excited about. With many hilarious episodes and moments, there aren’t a lot of things wrong with this season. This is when the show was at its peak.

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