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Planet Hulk direct to DVD?

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Our good friend Nomad braved the security at the Marvel Booth at the Licensing Show to eke out news of all Marvel’s new animated projects:

Hulk: Gamma Corps:: Set to hit in 2009, provided the movie does the numbers required. Remember, there was a series planned the last time a Hulk movie hit and it never saw the light of day due to poor numbers at the box office. This series sees Hulk teaming with other Gamma powered individuals to fight the good fight. So..Hulk..She Hulk..Doc Samson…who else would be in there? I wasn’t aware there were that many Gamma powered people to form a group with. I’ll assume there will be some original creations in there. Fingers crossed, Marvel hopes for 26 episodes on the table, but nothing is in stone yet.

Also listed: Iron Man: Armored Adventures, a Planet Hulk DVD for Lionsgate and Marvel Superhero Squad and Marvel Extreme- Wolverine
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