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News Bytes: Valiant, Wash Tubbs

§ ICv2 reports the thrilling news that Fantagraphics will begin reprints of Prince Valiant and Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, two more incredible comic strips that deserve to be seen once again.

Prince Valiant will be presented in an oversized color hardcover format, with two years per book, beginning in 2009. This presentation will be of higher quality than the 50 trade paperbacks Fantagraphics published, which collected all of the strips with art or story by creator Hal Foster. At two years per book, it will take 16-17 volumes just to reprint the full page strips with Foster art.
Fantagraphics will also begin releasing its collections of Wash Tubbs and its successor strip Captain Easy in 2009. Sundays will be printed in color; dailies in black and white. Although the two strips ran an incredible 64 years, from 1924 to 1988, creator Roy Crane’s work ran only until 1943.

§ CBR follows up the Comic Book Resources > Andy Schmidt to IDW story from yesterday and reveals taht he’ll mostly be working on the newly acquired GI Joe license.

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