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New Captain Marvel Action Figure Suggests Jude Law is Playing Yon-Rogg

Hasbro's Marvel Legends action figures appear to confirm that Jude Law's character in Captain Marvel is in fact the Kree villain, Yon-Rogg. When Law was originally cast for the film, he was reported to be playing the legendary hero Mar-Vell. Curiously, Marvel refused to confirm this, and even Law has declined to confirm his true identity.

This secrecy naturally led many to suspect Marvel was playing a bait-and-switch, and that Law wasn't playing Mar-Vell at all. Instead, it was theorized that he was playing Yon-Rogg, a Kree villain who's tied to the superhero origin of Carol Danvers. Significantly, in the comics Yon-Rogg has even been responsible for manipulating Carol Danvers' memories in order to achieve his own goals. When the first Captain Marvel trailer suggested the titular hero was amnesiac, then, it seemed to increase the odds Law is playing a villain.

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Captain Marvel merchandise is beginning to hit the shelves, though, and it seems to be blowing the lid off this particular secret. Hasbro is releasing a Captain Marvel Marvel Legends wave, and it includes an action figure of Jude Law's character. Although this was promoted simply as "Starforce Commander," the packaging in stores actually names his character. It calls him Yon-Rogg. Check out an image below, via Twitter user @TheJediJunkyard.

The average moviegoer can be forgiven for not realizing this is a big deal; in reality, though, this name completely transforms the plot of Captain Marvel. So far, Marvel is attempting to market their next blockbuster as though the Kree are heroes and the Skrulls are villains. In reality, if Jude Law is playing Yon-Rogg then it indicates both alien races are bad guys. Carol Danvers is likely a victim of Yon-Rogg's manipulation, tricked into serving the Kree. When she describes the (typically) blue-skinned race as "noble warrior heroes," it's not accurate at all; rather, it indicates how completely she's been deceived.

The description attached to the packaging is also very illuminating. "Leader of the Starforce team," it reads, "Yon-Rogg is a hero among the Kree and a key asset in the Supreme Intelligence's war against the Skrulls." This brief description reveals another detail Marvel has been keeping secret; if it's accurate, then the Kree will be led by the being called the Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence is an AI composed of the brains of the greatest Kree leaders and scientists, whose minds were uploaded into the computer system shortly before their deaths. It's the absolute ruler of the Kree, and it sounds as though the Supreme Intelligence is the one pursuing war on the Skrulls.

There had already been heavy speculation that the Supreme Intelligence would appear in the film; a number of scenes in the trailers showed a room filled with shimmering light effects, which bears similarities to the chambers that house the Supreme Intelligence in the comics. Presumably the Supreme Intelligence will be rendered in CGI, in a similar fashion to Dormammu in Doctor Strange; that probably exactly why the powerful and manipulative being hasn't been seen in any of the trailers so far, as that CGI image would be finalized pretty late in the process. If Captain Marvel really does aim to end the war between the Kree and the Skrulls, then Yon-Rogg won't be the only one she must defeat. It's possible the true villain is in fact the Supreme Intelligence itself.

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Source: @TheJediJunkyard/Twitter

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