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More to do today: Greensboro, Chicago, and Philly

There are some good parties being thrown down East of the Mississippi today …


Acme Comics in Greensboro, NC is hosting an all-day signing party featuring a cavalcade of kids-friendly comics creators, including Chris Giarrusso (G-MAN, MINI-MARVELS), writer Gregg Schigel and artist Jacob Chabot (X-BABIES), Art Baltazar (PATRICK THE WOLF BOY, TINY TITANS), and Brian Smith (STUFF OF LEGEND, THE BASICS). Giarrusso has created an exclusive cover of his comic G-MAN CAPE CRISIS #2 just for this event (excerpted above).


Over in Chicago, Challengers Comics is hosting a Halloween party with Jill Thompson (MAGIC TRIXIE, BEASTS OF BURDEN)! There will be treats, costumes and full-color sketches from Thompson to benefit PAWS Chicago.


And in Philadelphia, writer Nick Tapalansky and artist Alex Eckman-Lawn will be at Brave New World Comics to promote their new hardcover horror book AWAKENING from Archaia. Customers who purchase the book will receive an exclusive print and a preview of the second volume.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey

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