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More on Peter David’s stroke

Writer Peter David’s wife Kathleen has more on the stroke he underwent while vacationing at Disney World:

What happened was that we were in Disney Hollywood Studios having just had lunch at the Prime Time Café. We were walking to the front gate because we were off to Animal Kingdom to see a friend of ours perform in the Finding Nemo Show. Peter had been tired and also not sleeping well the past week or so. He had been taking naps in the afternoon to catch up on the sleep that was eluding him at night. He told me that he had blurry vision in his right eye. The way he described it to me sounded like an ocular migraine so we took him back to the Hotel and went onto Animal Kingdom. We got back and he was working on his next novel. We decided to go to dinner but he was still having a slight vision problem so I drove.

As of this writing, David has lost the use of his right arm and has other weaknesses in his right side. He is mentally acute and predictably making the hospital staff laugh. The Davids are in Florida at the moment.

David is a prolific writer best known for his long run on the Incredible Hulk and a series of novels on both Star Trek and his own original Knight Life series. He recently launched the Crazy 8 digital publishing initiative with several other writer friends.

Fans of David’s will want to keep an eye on Kathleen’s blog for updates. And of course we send all of our good thoughts for the road ahead. We’ve shared many a convention moment or panel with David, and he’s one of the most dedicated people we know…he’ll be back.

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