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Monolith finally gets a trade…from Image

For years, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have been running a “Get MONOLITH A Trade!” campaign to get their 12-issue maxiseries from 2004 a collection. Although the book had a dedicated following—especially for fans of Phil Winslade’s amazing art—given that its sales were modest, that wasn’t the most likely outcome. However, on Facebook it’s revealed that rights have finally reverted and a collection is in the works from Image. Or rather—two collections, both in an oversized European hardcover album, like The Pro deluxe hardcover. The first will be out in July with the first four-issue storyline, including the double-sized first issue and an introduction by Jim Steranko. The second volume will include the rest of the issues, minus the Batman crossover, for a total of 9 issues reprinted. According to Palmiotti the oversized format was decided on to showcase Winslade’s intricate art.

MONOLITH is one of several former DC properties reverting to their copyright holders in recent years. While DC is definitely being gracious about allowing them to go back to the owners once they go out of print, it’s also an important reminder that with the right contract, you can get your stuff back.

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