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MoCCA: Party Poop

Wow we are so slammed by everything going on we haven’t even had time to assemble a MoCCA Party Poop guide, although there is plenty of it! So we’ll just steal from Daily Cross Hatch. Hit the link for your social guide:

We know it’s tough to find things to do in a quiet city like New York, especially if you happen to visiting from out of town for a week during the MoCCA Art Festival, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Consider your week planned out below—sure pretty much everything on here is somehow related to the festival itself, but give us a break, this is a comics blog, after all.

Own own schedule? Friday it’s Charles Brownstein’s 30th Birthday bash (email for details.)

Saturday, it’s the FRIENDS OF LULU Awards. Ladies — let’s strut our stuff and show how awesome and unstoppable we really are. Then we’ll be hitting the Indie Spinner Rack party:


FREE DOOR PRIZES, DJ WACKY WACK, FREE LOVE & Perhaps Mr. Phil will take his shirt off!

Swing by the ISR booth to get your Raffle ticket NO CHARGE. FREE.

Saturday June 7th
9pm START TIME….who knows how long.
BAR M-15! – mere blocks from MOCCA.

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