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MoCCA: hot hot hot

News flash from MoCCA for today, Sunday’s show; MoCCA volunteers hope to have FANS for the 7th floor.

With temperatures in New York City soaring to nearly 100 degrees, everyone was glowing at the first day of the MoCCA Art Festival. The crowd was large and enthusiastic, standing in line for Lynda Barry, Adrian Tomine, Jason, Hope Larson, Bryan Lee O’Malley and other indie comics favorites. While the AC held out on the first floor, up on the 7th floor exhibitors including Meahaus, Vertigo and the Finnish comics delegation sweltered in brutal, oppressive heat.

How hot was it? Even normally cool and collected Tim Leong of Comic Foundry magazine looked sweaty.

Img 4551

As mentioned, for today’s show, fans are being brought in to help air circulation on the 7th floor.

We’ll have more coverage later. For right now, we’re frankly knackered from the sudden temperature change and the non-stop yapping and chatting. We will say that buzz books include Goddess of War, Skyscrapers of the Midwest, Too Cool to be Forgotten, director Michel Gondry’s mini, and the Star Wars mini Harvest is When I Need You The Most. With only 50 copies printed, this was a quick sell-out.

A few piccies in the jump:

Img 4533
At Friday’s Post-Bang symposium, Jeet Heer, David Hajdu, Hilary Chute and Douglas Wolk talk about the literary tradition and comics.
Img 4539
Misako Rocks! at the Disney (!) booth.

Img 4543
Traditional misty, backlit shot of the crowd.

Img 4544
Lynda Barry and Adrian Tomine sign at the D&Q table.

Img 4550
This mini comes flat but assembles into a box!

Img 4552
Jim Ottaviani and Bob Mecoy

Img 4566
Cut to: The Friends of Lulu Awards as Rachel Nabors passes the Kim Yale Award tiara to Winner Martina Fugazzatto.
Img 4570
Vertigo’s Angela Ruffino accepts for Shelly Bond.

Img 4576
Marion Vitus presents the Volunteer Award.

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