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MBTI Of The OA Characters

Over the course of only two seasons, The OA has managed to take viewers on a journey through death, through the multiverse, and hopefully, through our the depths of our own minds. Within each of us there lies a multiverse. Hidden within the chaotic bursts of electricity snapping through each of our minds like fireworks. Springing forth into reality in what we perceive as decisions and actions. How do we know which path to follow? And once we’ve chosen it, how do we know when to take our leave?

Some choose to quietly take in their surrounds, and the feelings of those around, utilizing both. Others might choose something based entirely on logic. Let’s see if we can get a better idea of who’s who by using the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Spoilers for seasons one and two ahead.

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10 Elias Rahim: The Defender - ISFJ

We don’t know a lot about Elias Rahim. In season one he was a bit of a mystery. Even more so in season two. But what we do know about Elias is that he is kind, calm, forgiving and attentive. Or he appears to be, at least. 

In the first season, he confesses to OA that he joined the FBI “to catch the bad guys” but stayed because he realized there was a disproportionate amount of time spent on catching the perpetrator and not so much spent on helping the actual victim. Fairly late in season two, it is hinted (if not outright stated) that Elias has been spent to help protect OA. His quiet, thoughtful, and sensitive nature is well-suited to such a task.

9 Alfonso ‘French’ Sosa: The Executive - ESTJ

French is likely the most responsible of all the boys that come to OA’s aid. We see French struggle to maintain order and fortify his place in the world. He is organized, intelligent, charismatic, and kind. French may not have the easiest home life, but he regularly steps up for his family.

As French says to his mother in season one, he’s the one working two jobs. He’s also dedicated and structured enough to not only do well in school and sports but excel at both. Alfonso can, however, let himself become a prisoner to critical thinking and his need to explain everything, which can make it hard for him to think outside the box. Something we see him struggle with for much of the first two seasons.

8 Karim Washington: The Adventure - ISFP

We haven’t had as much time to get to know Karim as most of the rest of the cast, but in the short time we’ve had, he’s made quite an impression. Karim is a soften-spoken, friendly, curious, and sensitive individual.

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When Karim finally confronts Dr. Marlow Rhodes, to get her to talk about Michelle(Buck) he doesn’t appear to her logical mind. Instead, he tells Rhodes that there aren’t many opportunities to atone, but he’s offering one. He offers a release from guilt and the negative emotions that are weighing on her. That, paired with the fact that he clearly cares about Michelle(Buck), is what get Karim the information he’s looking for.

7 Jesse: The Healer - INFP   

Jesse is kind of a hard nut to crack. He’s quiet, reserved, and he spends a lot of his time sedated, trying to escape his feelings. Which is ironic, because he’s probably the one that feels the most deeply out of all the boys that have gathered around OA. After the shooting at their school, it’s Jesse who has the strongest reaction. This tragic incident drives him even further into himself.

This paired with the loss of the magic and connection that OA brought into Jesse’s life sends him spiraling. However, Jesse is an incredibly caring individual. In season two, before stealing his fentanyl, we watch as Jesse describes to BBA’s dying uncle what the gentle, comfortable, and safe glide into afterlife might be like. Not the first time we’ve seen him offer himself up to comfort someone dealing with loss.

6 Steve Winchell: The Commander - ENTJ

When we first meet Steve, he’s a bit of a wreck. He’s extroverted and he craves the attention and affections of those around him. But he’s also an unceasing and unquestionable problem child. Through OA and his connection to her, however, Steve manages to transform into something much different. The Steve we meet in season two is a very different being altogether. He’s more collected, mature, and rational.

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He no longer allows himself to be fuelled and driven by rage and the rest of his negative emotions. Rather, he learns from OA’s kindness, empathy, and understanding, much like the rest of the people around her, and he uses those lessons to grow. Steve may have simply been an angry boy to busy to work on that invisible self, but he’s come along way since then.

5 Buck Vu: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Unlike most of the other boys, we’ve actually been able to take a little peek at the Buck has lived his life throughout the course of multiple dimensions. It does, however, seem that there are a few characteristics and preferences that overlap regardless of the dimension he’s visiting.

For instance, whether or not he’s called Buck or Michelle, Buck is a brilliant student. In season two, we know that Michelle is one of the only people to reach the mystery hidden in the attic of the house on Nob Hill. Buck is also very quiet, introverted, and reserved, which can make it hard for him to take a stand when he needs to. When it comes to something terribly important like stopping a school shooting or helping OA, however, Buck is one of the first, and most vocal, to jump into action.

4 BBA: The Advocate - INFJ

Like many of the people that eventually follow OA into the abandoned house, when we first meet BBA, she is in a bit of a rut. Only after being shaken out of her own shielded interior world does she really begin to blossom. We know that BBA began teaching because she hoped to help young people. We also know that despite her doing her best, she wasn’t able to help her brother, Theo.

BBA is the kind of woman who would do anything for a friend, even if that means giving away her brother's life insurance payout. She is thoughtful, kind-hearted, and selfless to a fault. But with help from OA and the boys, she’s well on her way to becoming so much more. If season two is any hint at all of what she can achieve, that is.

3 Homer: The Protagonist - ENFJ

We’ve seen Homer, along with HAP, OA, and the other captives in at least two dimensions nows. Much like with Buck, there are often parallels between say, Homer and counterpart Dr. Roberts. Both Homer and Dr. Roberts are very concerned with the feelings of those around. Homer understands the pains, yearning, and broken parts of those around him. Whether he’s a football player or a doctor.

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In the first season, just as Prairie starts to give up, Homer is there to literally (verbally, through glass) pull her to her feet from the fetal position on the floor. We get a glimpse of how tireless and structured his work ethic is as well. In the cave, we always see home exercising, moving, training. In season two, we see a mirror of that work ethic during his morning routine. Working out, research, and cereal. Breakfast of champions.

2 HAP: The Logistician - ISTJ

Something important to note about HAP is that he is not, as many people would believe, some sort of socio-or-psychopath. He understands and accepts that he is doing wrong. A few small wrongs in order to save the entire species from death. He’s a scientist, first and foremost.

He’s looking for the answers to “the questions that we aren’t supposed to ask”. And he’ll search for those answers tirelessly. HAP spends most of season two trying to figure out how to map the multiverse and choose a destination with science. It’s interesting to note that OA manages to do this by simply letting herself feel where she wanted to be. A lesson HAP seems to struggle with frequently.

1 Brit: The Mediator - INFP

From her life-altering conversation with BBA to the emotional maturity she shows after Homer’s betrayal, there are countless examples of OA’s calm, quiet, and emotion-driven nature. But if we needed to cut down OA’s character into one sixty-second clip, it’d be one involving Steve. Just after being saved by BBA, Steve begins lashing out as the group enters the abandoned home. OA slowly and calmy reigns Steve in as he stumbles backward.

In one final outburst, Steve stabs OA in the thigh and rather than recoil in fear as he expects, as everyone else in his life has done, she holds on tighter. OA is the kind of leader the inspires through compassion and understanding. So much so, in fact, that she inspires those around her to do great things for the sake of those around them. Even if that means jumping between strangers and an automatic weapon. Or crossing dimensional planes.

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