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Marvel Releases First Covers, Art for Mr. and Mrs. X

Marvel Releases First Covers, Art for Mr. and Mrs. X

With X-Men Gold #30’s “Wedding of the Century” finally in stores today, Marvel Comics has revealed its previously solicited X-Classified title to be Mr. and Mrs. X, starring Gambit and Rogue married in holy matrimony.

Now, the publisher has provided a first look at upcoming covers and interior art for Mr. and Mrs. X #1-3, along with creator bios for writer Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye, Rogue and Gambit) and artist Oscar Bazaldua (Spider-Man, Star Wars: Rogue One).

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The big wedding twist was spoiled a day before the Wednesday release of X-Men Gold #30, as Kitty Pryde decided not to go through with her nuptials to Colossus. The issue’s surprise came when Gambit took the opportunity to propose to his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Rogue, who said yes.

Thompson recently penned the adventures of the newlywed couple in the Rogue and Gambit miniseries, which explored their previous relationship and set the stage for Gambit’s surprise proposal in X-Men Gold #30. Bazaldua’s interior art for Mr. and Mrs. X show the couple’s first issue will include an outer space adventure.

Mr. and Mrs. X debuts in July from Marvel Comics.

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