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Marvel Movies You Should Watch Based on Your MBTI

There are 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Personality test. Every personality type is divided into two different categories, Introverted or Extroverted. Afterward, these are broken down into thinking or feeling personalities.

There are a lot of Marvel movies out there. From Sci-Fi to spy thrillers to solo outings to group efforts, nearly every kind of genre has been explored by the MCU.  With that, there is a movie for every kind of MBTI personality type. Why not use it to find out which movies are the best for your own personality type?

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8 Introversion Sensing (IS) - Thinking

For those on the thinking side, there are Marvel movies with more realism. That means later MCU movies like Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers: Infinity War.  Both movies feature a mismatched group that unites against a powerful enemy.

IS Personalities are organized and adventurous. Watching Star-Lord and his friends beat the odds is the perfect night on the couch for them. Watching Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, the Hulk, and Hawkeye form a team to take down a god is thrilling.

The theme of teamwork overlaps into the Avengers movies. IS people are lucky to have many great options.

7 Introversion Sensing (IS) - Feeling

IS personalities are quiet, organized and compassionate. They are logical and are always looking for facts to solve problems. Feeling IS people prefer a balance of fact and fantasy. There are a few Marvel movies that keep that balance.

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Captain America, The First Avenger is an earlier Marvel film. It puts some basic facts together for future MCU movies. World War 2 is the setting for Captain America's first movie. It makes the story seem more realistic and the science more credible. A tragic love story fills out the background. The Winter Soldier has a similar plot that calls back to the Cold War era. It mixes a modern spy thriller with a classic tale of revenge. Captain America has to choose. Should he follow the rules or redeem a long-lost friend? Such a problem would be difficult to solve. Luckily, IS people are experts at solving problems.

6 Introversion Intuition (IN) - Feeling

The IN Personalities category is where you find the eccentric geniuses. Real life people in this category include Abert Einstein and Descartes. The MCU has a number of brilliant and mysterious characters. Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, Jane Foster, Hope Van Dyn and the Starks come to mind. IN people are as logical as their IS counterparts. There is a profound difference. They love wacky ideas and flights of fancy. That includes superheroes. MCU movies are their favorites.

For the feeling IN people who are more creative than logical, Dr. Strange is interesting. It's the story of a skeptic who suffers a life-changing injury. The experience forces him to question his beliefs. The world of "magic" is based on shapes, symbols and dimensions. An IN person loves all of this. The Hulk is another option. It's a sad story of a serious scientist who gets caught up in his own work. An IN person can relate to that kind of issue. An IN personality can look past the poor CGI and appreciate the story and acting.

5 Introversion Intuition (IN) - Thinking

The Ant-Man movies are a good choice for a thinking IN person. This is a different kind of science. Hank Pym himself that his invention "will change the texture of reality." Ant-Man and the Wasp is an even better option for thinking INs.

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The plot looks at the Quantum Realm in more detail but still allows plenty of room for philosophy and theory. Families uniting is a big part of the underlying plot. The villain in this movie is very relatable, an orphan fighting a chronic illness. A plus for Empathetic INs. The Quantum Realm represents a compelling philosophy. A fascinating concept for the creative IN person.

4 Extraversion Sensing (ES) - Thinking

Tony Stark is an obvious ES person. ES people love the finer things in life. They are energized around people. His antics underscore the plot of several MCU movies.

Those who share the same personality will like the Marvel movies that feature this superhero. His escape from the cave in the original Iron Man is a mix of survivalism, engineering skill and old-school metallurgy. The movie has a lot to say about intellectual property rights and corporate responsibility. Tony changes from a cool arms dealer to a compassionate superhero. He finds out he has a heart in the end. All of this would fascinate the thinking ES personality. The other Iron Man movies are similar, giving them a whole series to enjoy. Any Marvel movie with Tony would be a wise choice.

3 Extraversion Sensing (ES) - Feeling

Tony is a scientist for the thinkers. For those ES people that are more concerned with feeling, check out Thor: Ragnarok. The comic dialogue contrasts nicely with some of the darker plot points and quick action. This gives the expressive ES person plenty to observe.

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Unlike Tony in the Iron Man movies, Thor doesn't dominate every scene. Jane and her sidekick Darcy have plenty to say and do. The ES person can follow these transitions easily. The preceding films are other worthy entries. The original Thor and Thor The Dark World have a lot of astronomical theory in the storyline. It has a romantic subplot for those ES feeling people with a romantic side.

2 Extraversion Intuition (EN) - Thinking

ENs are forward thinking. These are the folks concerned with the future. That means globalism, cooperation and relationships. These Marvel movies have a lot to offer. Lore, world building and personal achievement are the focus. Everything ENs love is in these Marvel movies.

Thinking EN people will appreciate Black PantherThe complex characters and storyline will keep an IN person interested. They always seek understanding and improvement. The plot of the film fascinates worldly-minded EN personalities. Wakanda's advanced tech and social structure make an impression on an innovative EN person. The story provides a unique look at political intrigue and government power. Problems between friends and family members drive the plot.  All decisions are personal. These issues are of concern to an energetic EN.

1 Extraversion Intuition (EN) - Feeling

The optimistic enthusiasm of a feeling EN person will gravitate towards Captain Marvel. This is not just a superhero movie. It's the story of Carol Danvers, a determined fighter pilot. She survives a life-changing attack to become a powerful warrior. The mysterious origin of her powers is part of what makes the film compelling for a feeling EN. The questions and answers prompted by this film extend beyond the realm of earth. We learn about the Kree, an exotic alien culture. A world as amazing as the Quantum Realm or Wakanda.

The EN person is creative, determined and forward thinking. They are playful and caring, a reflection of the main character herself.

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