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Manga watch: Iris Print, Kodansha, etc.

§ Brigid links to the latest on yaoi publisher Iris Print, which, like several little boutique BL publishers, is not doing so hot, and has actually shut down:

1) Iris Print is shutting down. Unfortunately, the heartwarming support Iris’s readers have shown was too little too late. There was a large enough boost in sales to give me hope for a while, but not large enough to actually breathe life into the company again. After Queer Magic, there will be no more books from Iris Print; however, orders are still shipping from the store.

2) Queer Magic is not cancelled. The title is delayed until July 30, because there were not enough pre-orders to pay for a normal print run. The difficulty of finding a new printer that can do a smaller-than-average print run at a reasonable price has caused a few delays. I’m not running off with anyone’s hard-earned money, and anyone who pre-ordered the book is still just as free to cancel their pre-order as they ever were.

There’s much more involving unpaid creators and so on, but we’re a bit pressed for time today and suggest you just read the links.

§ David Welsh’s Flipped column is up at Comics Reporter and provides a crisp summary of what’s going on at Tokyopop and the latest on the Kodansha rumor. We’re being told that something is definitely up with Kodansha and their US manga plans, but we’ll have more than whispers when we can.

§ Rich Johnston backs up what we’ve been told: Tokyopop is giving back the rights to some OEL to its creators:

TokyoPop, criticised for intangible contracts, and currently undergoing a financial crisis, is going through the process of giving full copyright back to creators wishing to pull their projects, with hardly any fuss. I can’t think of a big company doing this in recent years – especially not so many at once.

I understand that Image Comics has become suddenly favoured with a number of high quality, fully developed OEL content. All their Christmases have come at once.

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