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Manga sales decline in Japan

Also via Simon Jones, ComicsSnob looks at an overview of 2007 manga sales in Japan:

Bullet Points:
# Japanese manga sales slip another 2.3% in 2007, but
# the medium is gaining currency as a tool of Soft Power diplomacy
# …and increased academic and scholarly attention.

There’s much more in the link, not all of it presented in a way our addled mind could comprehend, but this did stand out:

Aside: for the record, I think manga sales in Japan will continue to drop by ~5% a year until digital distribution becomes more than just a novelty, and is instead firmly established as the ‘third format’ — which will happen in Japan where the weekly/monthly ‘phone books’ are already largely considered to be disposable/recyclable media (and where everyone has a super-awesome cell phone that not only displays manga but also, in a pinch, can open an exploding Gate and be thrown at invading aliens) but not in the States where the nearest equivalent to the throw-away manga magazines are instead polybagged (don’t forget a cardboard backer) and sold at significant mark-up on e-bay — these are two completely different business models, folks, so unfortunately, no digital superheroes for you.

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