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LOST: It’s Just a Jump to the Left

Is this thing on?

Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Who might be dead? Who’s dead but still appeared in tonight’s episode?

Let’s get to it.

SPOILERS, of course…

— Who expected the Penny/Desmond reunion in season Four? Not me. As someone said tonight, “I had that pegged for the last episode of the show.” And does this mean that one or both of them will not last long into Season Five’s run?

— Is there an impending heel turn coming for Sun? Who is going to feel her wrath? Ben? Jack?

— Was Charlotte born on the island? Was she a Dharma kid? Does she have four toes?

— What happened to Faraday? Did he make it to the island before it disappeared?

— Who thinks Jin is actually dead? Well, besides, Sun of course.

— Christian Shepherd, the next host of The Weakest Link. “The island is done with you, goodbye.”

— Between Sawyer’s imitation of Honey Ryder and the plentiful cleavage shots of Kate and Juliet, there was plenty of eye candy on display tonight.

— Will we see flash-forwards featuring Frank in the future?

— At the rate he is growing, Walt will be in a first round NBA draft pick by the time he turns 18.

— The Sayid/Keamy fight will probably be better than the Kimbo Slice tilt Saturday night on CBS.

— Now we know how they got to that island to be rescued. And people say they don’t answer any questions.

— Speaking of which, the people that survived the crash, but died later were Boone, Libby and Charlie.

— Now that Charlie is a dead rock star, will sales of Drive Shaft skyrocket?

— Just when you have some sympathy for Ben, he shows you what his true colors really are.

— What other kind of Dharma alcohol is there?

— Who else expected the numbers to have something to do with the Orchid Station?


posted by Mark Coale

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