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LInks of note

§ Don McPherson finds writing about comics subscriptions is no easy task:

Yes, it would have made for an interesting feature, tapping not only into nostalgia but examining how the business of comics publishing has changed in recent years.

Alas, such a story won’t be found on this site.

Jenna Pagliuca, who’s in charge of subscriptions at Marvel, declined to answer questions after a company PR official referred to me to her, and repeated requests for information from or an interview with a subscriptions manager at DC seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

§ Lea looks at Tokyopop asonly Lea can:

I find it more than interesting and not a little atrocious that the editors of these books offered the Pilot Program as a submission process, as a way to “make it all the way back around [to print]”. I will be blunt: if you are a publisher and need a dirty day’s work done, apparently a TP editor can do it, and do it well. Sure, they were doing their jobs. They obviously had an amazing rapport with the creators, or a finger on the pulse of their desperation levels, since they convinced them to take a piece of shit contract.

§ We just really enjoyed this list of little known books.

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